Sea sponge combos

Allow yourself the luxury of a total natural body care.

Sea sponges - Natural sea sponge combos

Natural sponge combos for bath & skin care

A surprising feeling of freshness and revitalization your skin will thank you for.

Natural sponges create a rich luxurious lather, are highly absorbent and suitable even for the most sensitive types of skin. They are ideal for daily shower bath and spa use.

Mediterranean & Caribbean natural sea sponge combos

A precious gift for you and your family straight from the depths of our favorite seas.

Why buy natural sea sponges for bathing?

Sea sponges have been used for bathing and personal hygiene for thousands of years.

Their soft and delicate texture offers a velvet-like sense on our bodies. Massaging the skin with a sea sponge removes dead skin cells and at the same time relaxes the whole body. Our simple and everyday shower automatically turns into a luxurious treat.

Sea sponges for bathing are softer, cleanse better and do not irritate the skin as the synthetic sponges do. They are used for a multitude of purposes: the application and removal of cosmetics, deep cleansing, massaging to stimulate the circulatory system, revitalizing the skin, and for a luxurious bath and shower experience.

They are suitable for adults and children and it is also the means that many pediatricians recommend for baby hygiene. They are also a natural biodegradable resource and its production and use does not harm the environment.

Advantages over synthetic sponges:

  • They are more absorbent.

  • They have a longer life.

  • They do not retain odors or develop bad smells.

  • They do not irritate the skin.

  • They do not cause allergies.

Wanna know a few things about the nature of sea sponges?

Watch this entertaining 3-minute video with whiteboard drawings that illustrates basic biology and physiology elements of the Porifera (sponges). Or read here some more amazing facts about sea sponges.

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