Our heritage

A natural sea sponge supplier since 1958.

Harvesting sea sponges all around the Aegean.

Our journey goes back in time several decades now, to 1958, where my grandfather, Emmanouel Psarras started his diving career as a sponge diver in a small fishing village, New Koutali, in the Greek island of Lemnos. Shortly after he managed to obtain his own boat.

Harvesting all around the Aegean sea, and even reaching the coasts of Lybia and Tunisia, he managed to become one of the leading sponge divers of his era.

Decades of sea sponge processing & trading.

Two decades later my father, Panagiotis Varnalis, took over the family business and evolved it, mostly orienting towards sea sponge processing and trading. In 1997, I joined the company, upgrading the final products and services offered to our customers.

Today, Spongean is dealing with Greek, Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea sponges, serving both the local Greek market and exporting worldwide as well.

Harvesting methods of ecological conscience.

We collect our sponges from the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Sustainability is our main goal, as the divers we work with, harvest a very specific area every year. Therefore, they have to keep the sponge population at the fishing sites at least stable, in order to keep the balance on this mini ecosystem.

The sponge population is preserved by the harvesting methods. Divers either cut the sponge from its route, so the part remaining at the sea bottom will regenerate a new sponge, or squeeze the sponge while picking it up so that seeds drop off the sponge, seeding the surrounding area.

Both methods can be used at the same time. In this way nature is not disturbed and also these divers, year after year, will find enough sponges for their next harvesting.

Seeking to offer you the best product for your skin care.

Since 1958, Spongean delivers natural sea sponges for your hygiene and skin care. 100% organic and sustainably harvested, our sponges are carefully selected, processed and sorted with the highest quality standards.

You can expect that the products you purchase from us will be offering you a naturally friendlier alternative for your daily care and a luxurious sensation you’ll never forget.

Sea sponges for body care – Natural sea sponges provide an excellent natural scrub that will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin. They are ideal for all skin types, even for the most sensitive ones.

Sea sponges for face care – Natural face sponges are perfect for facial cleansing, exfoliation or de-makeup. Our facial silk sponges will help you revive your face keep your complexion healthy and young.

Menstrual sea sponges (or sea sponges for the period) – our menstrual sponges are made of the finest Caribbean silk sea sponge, and they are the best natural alternative to conventional tampons for feminine care.

Sea sponges for babies – Sea sponges are the most natural way to gently and safely wash infants, toddlers and little people. With its antibacterial properties and soft feel, the sea sponge will leave a pleasant sensation on your baby’s skin.

Sea sponge combos for total skin care – Allow yourself (and your family) the luxury of total natural body care. Our sea sponge combo packs will offer you a surprising feeling of freshness and revitalization your skin will thank you for.

Dimitris P. Varnalis, Owner