Terms of use

This is about the terms & conditions that govern the use of this website and electronic store.

Terms of use

Terms of use – last update: May 24, 2020.

Https://spongean.com is the website and electronic store of Spongean company, which is based at Varnali Kosta 7, Alimos 17455, Attica Greece, with General Electronic Commercial Registry (GEMI) No 00672001000 and Vat No 068663149 (EORI EL068663149), and with [email protected] as the main email address and service telephone +30 210 9425594.

Please be advised that through our website (https://spongean.com/) we offer information, services and products to visitors provided that they expressly and without reservation agree with the following terms and conditions:

The Website is addressed to adult persons, therefore, by your browsing you declare that you are an adult and that you will use the website in accordance with its purpose. If, nevertheless, minors voluntarily visit the website or make use of any service that may be considered inappropriate for them, our company bears no responsibility.

With your visit, we provide you with a limited, yet non-exclusive right to access and use the website, only for your personal use according to the purpose of the website. Any other use is expressly prohibited.

Be aware that the website is used “as is”, without the possibility of modifications or other interventions from the user. Our company strives to provide accurate, complete, reliable, authoritative and up-to-date information. However, due to the nature of the instrument we are not bound, nor warranty, nor assume any responsibility with respect to the content of the website. As a user you accept that you must evaluate the content and that you are responsible for any use of any part of it.

Apart from the specific rights of third parties, all the content of the website (marks, texts, photographs, etc.) is the intellectual and commercial property of our company. Therefore, such content may not be copied, modified, reproduced, relayed or exploited in any way by any user. Each user is entitled to individually store a single copy of part of the content for their strictly personal use.

You are responsible for the security of your personal login information ( usernames and passwords) and for all actions taken with it. If you become aware of any kind of suspicious activity, you must immediately change your password and let us know by email at: [email protected].

As a user you declare that you will not take any action to mislead anyone as to the origin of the content of the website and that you will not in any way damage the reputation of our company or our partners.

As a user you declare that you will not attempt in any way to install, promote or make available through the website any digital virus or other electronic code, files or programs, designed to interfere with, destroy or restrict the operation of the website or the terminals of its users.

In any case of illegal or contrary to the terms use of the website, our company reserves the right to claim its compensation for any positive or consequential damage suffered.

We will make every effort to have the website available. However, we reserve the right to cease its operation from time to time for technical or other reasons or even to cease its operation at our absolute will.

We’ll make every effort to make the website safe. However, and since there is no such thing as a foolproof system, we inform you that we cannot guarantee that there cannot be or will not be any security gaps in the future. Therefore, we are not responsible for any data loss or damage that may be caused to the user in the event of such a case.

We reserve the right to carry out random checks on how our website is used and to delete users whose conduct does not go hand in hand with the terms and conditions mentioned above.

We reserve the right to modify the terms of use. You are responsible for being informed of any modifications each time prior to the use of the website. The terms and conditions of use will always be available in the respective “terms of use & privacy policy” web page.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Greek courts.

Your visit and navigation of this website equals to a statement of full acceptance of these “terms of use”.