Feel the freshness of the sea on your skin

Premium Quality Natural Sea Sponges

The absolute best that Mediterranean & Caribbean seas have to offer.

Premium quality natural sea sponges
Our sponges are extra soft and durable and they will offer you

Benefits you will enjoy for a long long time…like our sponges.

Spongean - Premium quality natural sea sponges

Keep your skin young

Our sea sponges offer gentle yet thorough exfoliation, massage your skin, remove dead skin cells,  and reveal a younger, fresher looking you underneath.

Enjoy a luxurious bath

Sea sponges are highly absorbent. They hold a lot of water without dripping and make your cleanser foam creating a luxurious lather.

Feel the sea

Our sponges are ultra-soft and of the very best quality and feel. Apply your favorite soap  or cleanser and feel the smoothness of the sea on your skin.

Maintain hygiene

Sea sponges contain enzymes that inhibit mold and bacteria growth. They are hypoallergenic and free of chemicals, artificial byproducts or toxins.

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100% Real natural sea sponges – Ideal for facial and body cleansing

Smooth as silk and friendly to the skin, the sea sponge creates beautiful feelings of pleasure, relaxation and cleanliness.

Find the sea sponge that is perfect for your skin

We care about our sponges’ consistency and quality, and work hard to ensure that every one we send out is the very best that nature has to offer.

Why buy your sea sponge from us?

3 generations of experience – since 1958 – in the field of natural sea sponges…and a few other reasons.


Premium quality products


All the sponges you’ll buy on our store are handpicked to be of the most durable, long lasting, high quality products. They are perfect for bathing and skin care, and safe to use on even on sensitive or baby skin. A luxury you will enjoy every day for a long time.

Feel the freshness of the sea on your skin!
sustainable harvesting
We live off the environment, we live for the environment.


Eco friendly harvesting


Natural sea sponges are harvested considering the protection of the environment, so we collect only mature ones. The collection method used by our divers ensures that the sponge population is monitored and increased at fishing sites.


Delivered to your home


We use fast worldwide delivery services to deliver our products globally. Just enter our electronic store, order your sponge and you will have it at your door – or anywhere else – in no time at all.

Shipping sea sponges worldwide.


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